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Generators & Emergency Power

When owning a business, having an emergency electricity backup for when the power goes out is extremely vital. Here at Denny’s Electric service, we are the experts in the installation, service and repair of all brands of generators.

Take the worry out of making sure all of your business components are protected during a power outage. Here are some reasons you should consider a backup generator and emergency power from Denny’s Electric Service:

  • It allows your business to stay open and run smoothly during a utility power outage. Almost all businesses require some form of electricity to be successful. Healthcare requires life-saving machines to be plugged in; restaurants cannot stay open without their refrigerator keeping items cool and fresh. You can keep clients happy during a power outage if they still require your services, and you have a backup generator so service is not interrupted.
    You can power essential computers, networks and phones. Nothing is more stressful than having to reboot a system that was lost during an electricity outage. A generator, in combination with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) guarantees your computers will stay energized, which saves you the challenge of having to retrieve any lost data.
  • It can save you money. When the power is running efficiently and continually, it means your business equipment is running efficiently as well. When an unexpected outage occurs, it can cause your equipment or production machines to malfunction or get interrupted. The cost to fix these malfunctioned machines and lost production typically costs more than the cost of purchasing a backup generator. This assures continued operations of your facilities.
  • It maintains climate-control. Imagine your services (especially in the food and gas station industry) not being interrupted through long-term power outages. Not only will you keep your repeat customers from going elsewhere, you may pick up new customers looking for services not offered by other local establishments because of the outage.

Do not wait any longer and contact us today to protect your business and back up its necessary electrical functions. It will save you the hassle later, by backing it up now.

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