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Whole House Surge Protectors

Many homeowners believe that adequate surge protection means simply plugging their computer or other electronic devices and appliances into a power strip. However, that is rarely the case.

If you think it’s a good idea to save some money by opting not to install a whole house surge protection against surges from lightning or downed power lines – you may want to reconsider this decision.

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A power surge may last for only less than a second; however, in worst case scenarios, it carries tens of thousands of volts, enough to send a tidal wave of voltage through the wires, past the main breaker panel. This can ultimately: fry circuit boards, crash hard drives, ruin DVD and home entertainment systems, burn out the motherboard in the refrigerator, fry the temperature controls in a double-wall oven, and destroy dimmers and GFCI plugs. This then can amount in a huge financial loss.

There are several causes of a short-term spike that can occur in your home’s power system – a lightning strike miles away, the electric utility company performing power grid switching, or even construction work nearby, with 80% of surges typically occurring to large appliances like AC system and refrigerator motors turning on and off.

Whole-house surge protection safeguards your home against electro-static damage, voltage spikes and electrical fires.

Surge protection devices are often wired to the electric service box, which protects all of the electronics and appliances located in your home; it even makes sure that possible over-voltages do not affect your lighting.

Denny’s Electric Service has the experience and knowledge to install the best whole-house surge protection possible to keep your electricity uninterrupted and defend your home from unwanted surges.

When a malfunctioning appliance that’s fizzling sends massive surges of electricity to your home’s electrical system, it causes the circuit breaker to trip – a safety mechanism that’s also showing you something is wrong.

Not all surge protectors are the same, and some provide just a little more than regular extension cords. It’s vital that a homeowner has adequate technology that protects sensitive microprocessors that can be easily damaged by power surges.

It’s highly recommended to contact a licensed electrician to assist with replacing damaged components and configuring other electrical problems, especially since damage can occur even if your circuit breaker trips.

Making sure there are point-of-use surge protection devices (SPDs), combined with a good grounding system, will help protect your electronic and electrical appliances from most electrical surges, since this technology actually diverts the surge to the ground.

A whole house surge protector connects to your electrical panel, and must be installed by an electrical professional – if improperly wired or installed, it can fail to work, or worse, damage your system.

At Denny’s Electric Service, as a full service residential electrical contractor, we pride ourselves on being committed to delivering not only quality workmanship and superior service, but also making sure you and your loved ones are safe in your home.

Your search for a reliable and skilled residential electrician in southeastern Pennsylvania ends right here – contact Denny’s Electric Service today to learn more about residential surge protectors and receive quality electrical services.

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