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How Many Recessed Lights Should I Install?

How much light is too much light? How much is too little? You may have found yourself asking these questions when thinking about renovating a space in your home or designing an office. The short answer to this question is, it depends.

There are a lot of factors that go in to lighting a room and one room may require more lighting than another. One thing is for certain, Denny’s Electric Service can assist you with getting lighting installed, as well as any other electrical needs. With over 30 years of experience, our team has a residential electrician or commercial electrician that will work with you to complete your projects to your complete satisfaction.

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If you are making the choice to have recessed lighting in your space there are some things to consider. Recessed lighting can have a great look to it when used properly. Proper lighting can be the difference between making a space look warm and inviting or dull and boring.

In this blog, we’re going to go over a few things you should know about recessed lighting that can help you answer the question, how many recessed lights should I install?

  1. Placement of your recessed lights is important – Where you place lighting can have a huge impact on how it changes the look and feel of your space. Certain times will call for lighting to be in subdued and subtle. Others will call for lighting to call attention to an area or highlight an object. Figure out where you want lighting to be the star and where you want it to have a supporting role. Having a recessed light closer to a wall can bathe the surface in light and spread it out over the large vertical surface. Placing a recessed light above a shower or tub can bring focus to great tilework or a unique clawfoot tub.

  2. Use dimmers to control the amount of light used – Using a dimmer can be a great way to alter lighting to fit your needs. Perhaps you have a large open space for hosting guests that also may double as a work space. When you are working, you may need more light to illuminate your workspace. While you have guests, you may want to dim the lights to create ambience and bring the mood to a calmer place. Dimmers can help you customize the lighting, so that you are ready for anything.

  3. Select the right trim – Making sure you have the right trim for the right situation can make all the difference. The trim for recessed lighting will fit inside the housing and extend to form the outside ring that you will see when you are looking at the ceiling. While there are many different styles, finishes and colors for trim, there are some that are more common than others. Baffle trim can be used to conceal the bulb, as it will fit in the upper portion of the trim and won’t be flush with the ceiling. It normally has an interior that reduces glare and is perhaps the most commonly used trim. Reflector trim has an inset bulb fixture like baffle trim, but has a mirrored surface that is reflective to make the most of lighting. You may even be able to find fixtures with a certain tinting available. Eyeball trim can be used almost like a spotlight. It can pivot the bulb in it to focus the light where you want it and can be used as an accent light or wall wash light.

  4. Select the right type of bulb – Making sure you have the right bulb for the fixture you use can be tricky. Is it the right type of bulb? Is it the right size bulb? Certain recessed lighting work just fine with traditional screw in bulbs while others use a bulb that has a pin at its base. You may want a bulb that has a certain color temperature, brightness or wattage. Pick the right bulb for the job and you’ll be pleased once it is installed.

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